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A well-known company, Vivanco's Trim, has been repairing stairs and rails in Fairfax, VA, for a long time. We provide superior customer service and readily work on projects of different sizes. Professional stair contractors recognize that stairs and railings are a focal point of any home or home renovation. Our quality craftsmanship distinguishes us from our competitors. To manufacture our stair systems and conduct efficient stair & rail repairs, we utilize the latest technologies in woodworking while preserving an artisan philosophy.

Carpeted Wooden Staircase with Metal railings
Staircase with Metal railings

Professional Installations

Are you looking for a way to revitalize your stairs and rails? As a professional stair contractor, we can transform your existing staircase to give your home a brand-new look. You can design every aspect of your staircase and railing system with us. We coordinate closely with architects, designers, and planners to comply with building codes. Our company takes pride in its work, which is reflected in the quality of all stair and rail repairs we perform. As well as providing safe access up and down a building, stairways can add a great deal of character. Throughout history, artists and architects have explored this concept. Your stairs and railings are repaired with meticulous attention to detail as a work of art.

Wooden Staircase with Metal railings
Wooden Staircase with Metal railings

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As we all know, stairs play a very significant role in our lives, even if the number of times we walk up and down the stairs daily is not something we pay attention to. A damaged staircase or railing system can become a hazard. Although repairing stairs might seem simple, it is not. If you don’t want to make a mistake regarding staircase repairs, a professional stair contractor in Fairfax, VA can be of great assistance. Hiring professionals for stair and rail repair has several advantages. We provide expert, individualized services with no risk. We work hard to deliver remarkable results in a timely fashion.

Don’t hesitate to hire Vivanco's Trim if you need stair and rail repairs for your respective property.

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